Representing India in the international markets

About Us

Business has always been about profits and earning profits through consumer satisfaction is our policy.

Business has always been about profits and earning profits through consumer satisfaction is our policy. Representing India in the international markets, we work towards taking full advantage of the potential manufacturers in the home country and provide them with a global exposure. The categories we deal in include home furnishing & textiles, gift ware & decoration items, fashion accessories, ready to wear garments, leather wear and more.

Our experts jot down every detail provided by the international buyers and search for organizations offering similar products in the country. The noted details are dictated to such organizations and accordingly the production is organized. The agents involved in the sourcing activity make sure that the designing & development of the products are done exactly as per the needs of the client. Monitoring every action, we keep an eagle eye on the inputs used and production techniques of the manufacturer to maintain superior quality standards. After sourcing from the manufacturers, we perform a stringent quality test to check if the procured products are flawless. If procuring from different suppliers, we properly consolidate, test and segregate the ordered goods as per their respective category.

Further, the loading of goods, custom clearance and all the other documentation is timely and legally done by our professionals. We leave no headache for the clients and ensure to efficiently serve their requirements at the best price. Moreover, for our clients' compete satisfaction, we deliver samples and get their approval before organizing the production for the entire order.

At present, we are connected to different companies in the continents of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Our success in this domain has helped us deliver various shipments to Austria, Canada, China, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Thailand, UK, USA, South Africa, Spain, and Venezuela.a